Glasses so as to live.

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GLASSES PROGRAM Since  2008 Mediterranea has been delivering glasses, both sun glasses and prescription glasses, to people in need in countries like: Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos,  Kenya, Sri Lanka, Guinea, Ethopia, Cuba, Peru, Ghana, Mallorca (Spain), Nepal, India, Gambia, Guinea Bisau, Senegal, Tailandia, Madagascar, Botsuana, Tanazania, etc That old pair of glasses you have in the drawer and that you do not use can change the life of a whole family that can not afford to buy them. A few years ago a family who went on holiday to Madagascar arrived in a little fishing village. There they saw the fishermen sitting under palm trees fixing their nets. There was one having a very difficult time as he could not see clearly what he was doing. Due to this his family was going through a very difficult time. Fortunately amongst the glasses we gave them to take on their trip to hand out , there was a pair that suited the fisherman’s needs. He had had to test various glasses one after another till suddenly his face broke into a giant smile and another family benefited tremendously from a mini zero cost program. We have delivered thousands of pairs of glasses to Ghana. The vast majority were given out in an easterly coastal area where there are large salt flats. The salt is extracted from the sea through evaporation as has been done for many hundreds of years. The sun`s glare in the equator, specially in salt flats. damages the eyes and leaves people blind at an early age..In places like this sun glasses are tremendously important they can greatly slow down the progress of eye damage. When the bread winner in the family loses his or her eye sight the drama is served. Your old forgotten glasses can make the difference between a productive life and slowly fading life of misery. If you give us your glasses we will get them out to people in need somewhere in the world. You can drop off your glasses in the Nucleo in Portals Nous or in the medical centre in the square in Portals Nous.(Calvia, Mallorca).