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We have provided over 23000kg of school and medical supplies to schools, hospitals, and orphanages in Cuba.

Delivering supplies

Delivering a freezer to a school in Candelaria.
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Mediterranea runs various programs around the world, both independently and with the help of other aid or local organizations. With each, the aim is not about giving people money, but about helping them to find ways to solve their problems and to be able to procure the means to live a fuller, more dignified life. Our Medical Programs provide supplies (medicines, disposables, high technology equipment, educational and administrative materials) as well as specialized work forces or training procedures where needed. Our Social Programs address the living conditions, problems and needs of orphans, sick, malnourished and under-privileged children, senior citizens, discrimination against women, and education. We’re currently active in Asia, Africa, South and Central America, but some of our more pressing and prominent international initiatives include:     Delivering prescription glasses worldwide through volunteer travelers     to the visually impaired     Bringing sick children from the third world to be treated in Spain     Helping the university in Dakkar with books and supplies     Providing medical supplies for a rural maternity center in north     Senegal. In Ethiopia: Supporting the operation of four schools In Abugida over 250 street children are clothed, taught, fed and medically treated if need be, every day. We do not close for holidays to be sure the children continue being fed all year around. We help handicapped children develop skills to support themselves at a school in Akaki – and also feed and dress hundreds of other children at schools in this area.  We run a mentally and physically handicapped children's center called Rainbow House in the Sebeta and we have children with similar problems in Abugida where they are integrated with the other children.  We run several projects in the Sebeta School for Blind Children.  Sponsoring orphans at our school (34 and counting!)  Our women’s programs here include: teaching them to read, write and improve their job opportunities; a shelter for battered women; providing microcredits for them to rebuild their life; employing HIV positive single mothers, legally overcoming discrimination against them; support to senior citizens raising grandchildren whose parents are dead. We have recently resurfaced a road leading in to a humble area in Akaki which will help with accessibility and with the economy of the area. We plan to build a park for the children in southern Akaki.